Digital Photo Booth Props

This is a great option if you just don't want to mess around with props! Great COVID safe option! For that keeping it clean vibe!

Nothing but mouth pack

This is just a down right hilarious pack for of mouths! For that all about the mouth vibe!

Cute and Simple Wedding Pack

Cant get any better then this for a simple but cute wedding set. For that Tie the Knot vibe!

Shimmer and Gold Pack

Why not stand out and look fun too? This pack will go with any type of party. For that Sweet but wild vibe!

Everything Galore Pack

I mean this pack has a lot going on! Great for any party. So many options from glasses, hats, bow ties to mustaches. For that cant go wrong vibe!

Birthday Party Pack

This is a great birthday pack. It has a little bit of everything. For that Celebration vibe!

New Years Pack

HAPPY NEW YEARS! Need we say more? For that New Year vibe!

Spa Day Pack

Oh The Spa Pack. Great for any party to get a good few laughs! For that spa vibe!

Tea Time Pack

Its Tea Time! One again Great for any party, for the young and for the old. For that Cup of Tea vibe!

Dont See One you Like?

Do see one that fits? Let us know and we can see what we can do! [email protected]