No Back Drop​

Sometimes no back drop is the best option! Use the scenery you have whether its outside or the party that's going on inside. For that don't care lets party vibe!​

White Back Drop​

Our White Back Drop. For that clean vibe!​

Black Back Drop​

Our Black Back Drop. For that simple vibe!​

Rose Sequin Back Drop​

Gorgeous Rose Sequin Back Drop. For that elegant pink vibe!​

Gold Sequin Back Drop​

This is a soft gorgeous Gold Sequin Back Drop. For that rich warm vibe!​

Silver Sequin Back Drop​

Nothing like a classic Silver Sequin Back Drop. For that cool rich vibe!​

Black sequin Back Drop​

Cant go wrong with this Black Sequin Back Drop. For that night life party vibe!​

Greenery Back Drop​

OH MY! Can say enough words about our Greenery Back Drop. For that natural vibe! NOTE:It's a computer printing backdrop,flat surface,fabric,not artificial leaves backdrop. ​

Green Screen Back Drop​

OOOHHH the Green Screen. So much to say. With a green screen you can create a different back drop digitally. Either set a certain digital green screen to use our let you guest have options! They can be out of this world if they want to!​

Custom Back Drop​

Want your own one of a kind back drop?!?!? Well then this is the option for you! With a little information and extra cash you can have your own custom back drop. This will be yours to keep at the end of the event for a keepsake! For that its all about me vibe! NOTE: Cost extra, but you get to keep it too!​